Jay Makes Zeta Look Good

Thursday, 26 August 2010

It’s been a long time in the making but finally we have found the time to put together a short video of the excellent street artist Jay Gawronski working his magic on the walls of the Zeta office. Not only did we take photos of him every step of the way, we also filmed him from start to finish, capturing every sweep of the spray-can, contemplative stand and bizarre little dance.

All of us here at the Zeta family are over the moon with the work Jay has done; he has made our office stand out from all the rest by putting our ethos in a 10ft high mural for everybody to see. The mural shows every client that walks through our doors we are first and foremost a creative agency with a different way of thinking.

The video is only a slice of the massive amount of hard work Jay put in to making our office look good, as this is just one of three murals he created for us over the course of a coffee-fuelled weekend. He worked tirelessly to incorporate our brand colours, keywords and messages in a one-off piece of street art unique to Zeta. Take a look at him in full swing above or check out the photos here.