web-standards1The old dinosaur of IE6 has taken another step closer to its final demise.

On Friday Google announced that from 1st of March 2010 it will no longer support IE6 and from that date, users of older browsers (IE6 included) may find that key functionality in Google Docs and Google Sites will no longer work properly. Other parts of Google will also stop working as changes are made without the excessive amount of effort required to make web 2.0 sites work in a web 0.5 browser.

Google go on to recommend upgrading to one of the following:-
• IE – At least Version 7
• Firefox – Version 3+
• Google Chrome – Version 4+
• Safari – Version 3+

As Project Manager at Zeta I would go further and recommend that you install the most current version of your chosen browser as IE 7 is already outdated with IE 8 being the current version of Internet explorer.

With Google now running as much as 13% of all active internet sites either directly or on behalf of one of the various services Google provides, this is going to make it very difficult for people to put off upgrading for much longer.

So what are you waiting for… Update your web browser now if you have not already!




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