Happy Data Privacy Day!

Friday, 28 January 2011


Well, today is Data Privacy Day, and with December seeing a record high in online shopping it could not have been timelier. With a snow covered winter, the high street seemed like a distant far off land and the majority chose to buy the essentials, and some non-essentials, from the comfort and warmth of our living rooms and offices. However, every online purchase requires you to handover your details and trust that these sites will use your information properly and keep you protected.

Data Privacy Day is a global campaign designed to raise awareness of data privacy; the US recognises it as a national holiday and over 27 countries celebrate it. The educational aspect of Data Privacy Day is designed to alert children and teens to the risks of sharing their information online, especially on social networking sites. Data Privacy Day also supports events and technological advancements in online security in order to improve online safety for all of us.

According to lixindex.com a quarter of all adults were affected by credit card fraud last year, yet the report states that most people had their card cloned at an ATM as opposed to having their details stolen over the web. This could be due to improved online security; Computer Weekly reported that increased fraud screening techniques have helped banks tackle online and phone credit card fraud.

Data Privacy Day has been doing good work since it was recognised in 2009. Through raising awareness and supporting new innovations in online security, the battle has become more of a level playing field.