Graphic Packaging International – Online Strategy

Graphic Packaging International is a long standing client and has been with us since 2006. We have created online strategies looking at all areas of the web which have successfully boosted enquiries year-on-year. Our strategies have helped Graphic Packaging International dominate the packaging industry online. GPI has surpassed its competitors online, through clever SEO management, creative content marketing and a fully responsive website.
Graphic Packaging International – Online Strategy

The Challenge

Graphic Packaging International is one of the largest packaging manufacturers globally. Before Zeta, their online presence in no way reflected the true stature and pedigree of the company. They had no major scale online marketing strategy in place, and so consequently the website received very few enquiries. A comprehensive and effective digital strategy was a priority to facilitate their goal of being the number one UK packaging manufacturer online.

What we did

We went to visit Graphic Packaging International's factory to fully immerse ourselves in their business. Multiple discussion groups were set up with key members of staff from both parties to properly establish Graphic Packaging International's values. From all of the information we gathered our team created a responsive website, SEO strategy and a content marketing campaign that could be adapted and evolved over time.

The Success

Graphic Packaging International now averages many quality enquiries a month from the site, total traffic has increased by 111.83%, and they are currently the number one hit for searches for "packaging manufacturer". The project won the "Manufacturing Standard of Excellence" Web Award and was a finalist in the Dadi Awards side by side with Microsoft, American Airlines & IBM. Zeta still support and work closely with Graphic Packaging International today.

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