Facebook Offers Expanded Insights

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Facebook has recently announced that it is now offering a new version of Insights for Websites, which includes more in-depth analysis in to how users are interacting with sites that use the like button and other social widgets. Designed to monitor social plug ins and the traffic they are driving to a site, Insights have given marketers valuable information about the behaviour of their audience. Facebook has enhanced five key features on the site which include;

The Like Button

As well as simply recording the number of actual likes, the new analytics tool allow website owners to monitor the amount of traffic coming from Facebook in real time. This means they can now track how the placement of the like button affects user interaction immediately instead of having to wait a day as before.

The Comment Box

A few weeks ago, Facebook launched a new comments plug in, the new Insights provides information about various on-site and in-feed impressions. Some critics however have publicaly wondered what use this will be to marketers.

The Page

Facebook extended Popular Pages so it now shows the top 100 pages people are interacting with, whether that’s liking, sharing or commenting on. With real-time reports and additional granularity, Facebook can now offer marketers a more in-depth view of what makes a page popular.

The People

Insights can now supply demographic information about the people conversing with a site, allowing agencies to tailor content even more precisely. The data is recorded for those interacting with the site as opposed to those just visiting and, contrary to popular belief, the information stored does not violate the privacy of the user.

The Point

Facebook Insights was originally developed to follow those sites using social plug ins, but now those that aren’t using plug ins can see how their sites are being shared via status updates and wall links. Meaning everyone can see how their site is being shared via the social network.

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