Electropages iPhone & Android Apps

Electropages is one of the leading resources for electronics news with a global readership. To help Electropages deliver a consistent brand experience across multiple devices, Zeta developed a complete range of mobile apps including iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
Electropages iPhone & Android Apps

The Challenge

Electropages had excellent up to date information on the latest products in the electronics engineering industry but they could only deliver this through the desktop and mobile website. They wanted to improve the user experience and create a bigger, long term user base.

What we did

Electropages had daily product news updates and once an engineer used Electropages they often revisited time and time again. Zeta created an iPhone, Android and iPad app to make it easier for their users to get the information and keep using Electropages.

The Success

The applications have had a combined total of 40,000+ downloads with Android contributing the greatest number. This is the most used electronics product news app. Our client is also looking at developing a specific Android tablet application after the success of the other apps.

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