The Best Ecommerce Welcome Emails

Monday, 31 January 2011

A welcome email can be a great way to grab customers’ attention and let them know what your site is all about, yet not everyone is doing them. By missing this opportunity to sell your business you could miss the chance to gain a mindshare. Here we are going to dissect a few of the best welcome emails from the biggest ecommerce sites.


One word can be used to describe this welcome email, that word is boring. Although the copy is well written it doesn’t entice you to read it. All the vital information is there with a link to customer service, but apart from that there is nothing to take you back to the main site. Must try harder.



















A bright and colourful email, although the combination of the colours and layout make it look a little cheap. “How to use eBay” is detailed at the top in 3 to-the-point, easy steps. This suits those who open the email but don’t plan to spend that much time on it, although it could benefit from some linked words taking you straight to the site. All-in-all it is perfectly average, nothing outstanding.



















The Trainline

The layout and colour is perfectly in keeping with the design of the site, making it instantly recognisable. Obvious links take you to your account, the main site and help, there are also links at the top taking you to sister sites such as Eurostar and Hotels. Clear and concise, this email is an example that should be followed.





















The social media powerhouse has hit the nail on the head with this welcome email. This email is branded in the Twitter way and has clear and simple steps linked to relevant parts of the site. The user friendly layout of this email will get you started straight away.




















John Lewis

The ecommerce giant is the clear winner in this race which nobody knew they were running. It’s slick and professional with links in all the right places, a clear tool bar at the top that takes you to each of the different sections, customer services and the ability to email a friend. The copy suits the brand to a tee and directs you to new products, promotions and the catalogue. John Lewis wins.