jumoNo matter how many social networks try to catch up to Facebook and never do, it doesn’t seem to stop others trying. This week saw Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes launch ‘Jumo’, a new breed of socially aware social network that offers charities a platform to reach people and engage them.

Hughes has amassed himself some pretty good credentials over the recent years, after aiding the creation of Facebook in the now shrine-like Harvard dorm room, he went on to become the social media guru for little known politician Barack Obama, both projects went quite well.

Jumo (which means ‘come together’ in an African language) is a non-profit organisation, which gives each charity a news feed to keep followers up to date with news and their actions. Jumo allows users to search for organisations from a range of categories, donate quickly and easily, and see which charity your friends are involved with. Funding for the project came from Omidyar Network, the John S and James L Knight Foundation and the Ford Foundation, as well a number of unnamed personal investors. Zukerberg perhaps? Maybe not.

On paper (or on screen as the case may be) Jumo sounds like a wonderful idea, anything that can make donating and becoming more involved with charities easier must be a good thing. The hope for Jumo was that people will stay connected to their favourite charities all year round as opposed to just holidays or in the face of a disaster.

Unfortunately only time will tell if Jumo becomes a fixture in every do-gooders life, but if Hughes apparent Midas touch is anything to go by he should be on to another winner.




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