Thursday, 16 June 2016
  One of the biggest dates in the Apple calendar has arrived. WWDC 2016 kicked off in style Monday night, giving us an insight into the latest fe... See More
Thursday, 24 March 2016
It’s that time of year again where Google have released details of their new update, Android N. So to refresh your memory, last year Google released... See More
Wednesday, 16 September 2015
Android M – now confirmed as Android Marshmallow thanks to the lawn statue outside Googleplex, is due for release shortly. So in our giddy excit... See More
Monday, 11 May 2015
Android Development- An Unexpected Journey I began my career as an Android developer several months after graduating from uni. With a 1st class degree... See More
Thursday, 05 February 2015
Wearable technology is all set to be the next big thing, with around 10% of adults currently using wearables, such as fitness trackers, on a daily bas... See More
Wednesday, 14 January 2015
Questions to ask yourself: 1) Do I need an app? What can the app achieve that a website doesn’t? Don’t be fooled into thinking that an app is ... See More
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Thursday, 04 December 2014
There is a whole world of apps out there, stretching from everything from news, to games, to dating. Fancy a piece of the action? Well your first step... See More
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Tuesday, 04 November 2014
Organisation is the key to any project’s success. Here at Zeta we are spreadsheet addicts, so any tool that helps keep us on track for a project... See More
Friday, 16 May 2014
In this day and age, if you have a product to sell and your not online then you simply can’t compete. Having a functioning e-commerce website of... See More
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013
One of the great things about WordPress is the ability to create and distribute plugins that extend the core capabilities of WordPress far beyond anyt... See More
Thursday, 28 June 2012
Yesterday, Apple announced their latest new shiny thing – A new Macbook Pro with a Retina Display. Now, for the uninitiated, ‘Retina Display... See More
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Monday, 28 June 2010
New .co domain names will open up an opportunity to have the domain name you have always wanted. Have you ever tried to register a domain name for you... See More
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