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14 October 2016
Halloween is fast approaching and we even have a Killer Clown craze to remind us about it! Halloween is a time to let your imagination soar. Get creative with your content with a variety of inspiratio... See More
06 October 2016
Buttons are arguably one of the most important elements of design, although they look simple, their positioning, wording and style can affect how the user interacts with them. Whether you want a user ... See More
29 September 2016
In our second app insights post we have been talking to the wonderful National Museum of the Royal Navy about their web app, The Battle of Jutland Interactive Map that is built to offer more informati... See More
22 September 2016
  What is VR? VR stands for virtual reality is the simulation of a 3D image of any environment that allows interaction in a physical way. VR has been created to allow people to escape re... See More
08 September 2016
Over the last few weeks we have been getting excited for the approaching new iPhone and been discussing what might have changed along with following the rumours online (bye headphone jack). What has b... See More
02 September 2016
In our latest 5 minutes with post we caught up with one of our amazing developers, David Kennedy and talked about how he is enjoying working as a website developer at Zeta. David is currently studyi... See More
25 August 2016
Tourist attractions are always looking to deliver the best possible visitor experiences that are both engaging and memorable, with the hope that their visitors will want to stay longer, return often, ... See More
17 August 2016
With much anticipation… It’s finally here! Safari Slaughter, the new theme for our Murder Mystery game app Mysteria, has just been released. We’ve been super busy with client work but we’ve ma... See More
29 July 2016
I recently published a blog which detailed the SEO approach we take towards optimising our mobile apps for high ranking web and app store search listing. In this post I will show the positive increase... See More
20 July 2016
  Before we say goodbye to Amber in a few weeks, we thought we’d ask her to share some thoughts on her time here at Zeta. Having worked with us as a Marketing Assistant for her year-long Unive... See More
14 July 2016
What is Pokemon GO? Pokemon GO. The craze you can’t escape from. If you’ve been on the internet in the past few days, or even just stepped outside for that matter, you have probably seen or heard... See More
29 June 2016
We're back again with another interview and this week we are joined by Chris Rogers, one of our web developers. Chris could easily ramble on all day about coding and cool technology (or pretty muc... See More