Thursday, 12 December 2014
Here at Zeta we love apps, and primarily we love the fact that there can (and most likely already is) a mobile app for everything, no matter how weird... See More
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Monday, 11 November 2014
Ello – The “ad free forever” social media start up that has captured the attention of internet addicts worldwide.   This is the ultimate us... See More
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Wednesday, 11 November 2014
Writing copy for mobile apps is tricky business! You are limited on space, so you need to be watchful of your character use, whilst making sure that y... See More
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Tuesday, 03 March 2014
Continuing our series of interview with key figures in the digital community, we caught up with one of Econsultancy‘s social media stalwarts.  ... See More
Tuesday, 02 February 2014
Simply put, if your ecommerce site isn’t already optimized for mobile then there is a 50% chance that your competitors are already a step ahead ... See More
Tuesday, 02 February 2014
For any developer, including myself, there is always the dream that you will develop a product that users would love to use and, even better, will mak... See More
Monday, 01 January 2014
With over 20 years in the creative industry, Matt Desmier really does know what he’s talking about.  With a finger in every digital and creativ... See More
Tuesday, 11 November 2013
When it comes to online “mobile friendly” products there are 3 strategies that can suit your needs: Responsive websites Dedicated mobile websites ... See More
Wednesday, 07 July 2013
When a friend first told me she was going to Poland and would be sleeping on a strangers’ couch it’s hard to say who I thought was more mad – he... See More
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Monday, 06 June 2013
Introduction by Roger Allen, Managing Director of Zeta Do you trust us? In our day-to-day business we are frequently contacted by companies offering t... See More
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Tuesday, 06 June 2013
Engaged employees are more than twice as likely to stay late at work if something needs to be done. They are also more inclined to do something for th... See More
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Tuesday, 05 May 2013
Should You Be Worried About What Paywalls Are Doing To The Internet? Online paywalls are proving so profitable that over the next three years, 90% of ... See More
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