When Avoiding Spam Words Just Isn’t Enough

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

inbox screenshotRe-working client email campaigns is an essential part of Zeta’s term-email campaign strategies. Editorial can work their magic on any copy to re-phrase or completely remove spam term-words, but there are occasions when this just isn’t enough. Each client delivers legitimate campaigns to opted-in lists but there are certain campaigns which cannot avoid the use of spam words. This is a really tricky dilemma because these campaigns provide a real service to an audience which is truly interested. But there is a way forward.

Zeta has implemented a very simple strategy to get around this problem. Turn any prominent spam word into an image. I am not talking about hero images or great looking graphical elements but actually the words in the bulk of the term-email. Turn these words into images by taking a screen grab into Photoshop and exporting. Then add the IMG tag inline with the text. Voilà!

To get you started I am sharing some image versions of spam term-words in 12pt Arial (Zeta normally uses this font and size for term-email campaigns). There are quite a few out there so I suggest building up a library of them to drop into each term-email campaign if required.

This strategy has been tested across all email clients and works perfectly. There is a slight variation with font weight in term-outlook but it can only be noticed if you look hard at each individual word.

Margin and padding doesn’t work in some of the email clients so I have used a line height style for the text and tweaked each image with manual tests across the different email clients. Make sure to add the image dimensions otherwise it will stretch full width in term-outlook 2003 and Express.

If you highlight this post you will see that I have turned some of the words into images and included them in the body of the content. Works pretty well and ask yourself, did you actually notice.

Download image versions of some spam words in 12pt Arial
Words included are cash, discount, free, investment, money, save and guaranteed.