Aimee Has Her Say

Friday, 08 October 2010


Over the past week, the editorial team here at Zeta has been conducting a little experiment: we decided to update our blog every day to see if it increased the traffic to our site. It seems that our experiment has paid off. Yesterday Aimee wrote a very interesting post about the latest Breast Cancer Awareness campaign on Facebook, only to then get a call from the BBC World Service. The leading radio station asked Aimee to take part in their regular, and very popular, segment ‘Have Your Say’ to discuss the perils of publicity.

The saying suggests all publicity is good publicity, but is that true? With the innuendo-riddled Breast Cancer campaign and Richard Curtis’ controversial 10 / 10 video causing uproar, the nature of publicity is under the spotlight.

Aimee’s fresh opinion coupled with expert industry knowledge made her the perfect guest for the show. She reiterated her position on the Facebook campaign, explaining that it succeeded in getting people taking but could have done more to integrate with Breast Cancer Awareness’ ongoing campaigns. It’s fair to say she did us proud!