2011, The Year of Local

Friday, 07 January 2011

2011-stars-localWell here we are, in the first week of January raring to go. Rafael G Lepper (@rglepper) has joined the front end development team, Rosie is finalising the 99moves film “The Storm” (coming to a field near you very soon…), Will is expecting his fourth child any day now and I am chairing the various discussions over what will and won’t happen in 2011.

A few of the things mentioned include:

2011 is a year for Google to deliver on their promises! Let’s see what happens to Google’s ebooks and TV after a year of rushed launches and big promises to compete with Apple and Amazon.

HTML5 has caused quite a stir in the darker, geekier end of the studio on how it can improve delivery across multiple platforms and open up new creative possibilities.

How the Smartphone and tablet battle is like going back to the good old browser war days. The one major difference in this modern warfare is the start of market share decline for super brands like HP and Dell as the desktop becomes more obsolete and they fail to keep up with the front runners.

Video SEO… need I say more, just check out 99moves and your video dreams will become a reality.

But the most popular term this week has definitely been ‘local’, making me sometimes feel more like an estate agent than a human. Probably the most under-developed market online is going to be a hot topic in 2011. Integrating perfectly with social media and mobile means we could all be re-ignited with the love we once had for our local shops and communities.

Groupon is breaking all the records after already raising 500m in finance. Last month talks between Google and Groupon collapsed probably because Google were too busy trying to sell ebooks and TVs. Or maybe because Google sees a business model that might not last the distance, Groupon is making a killing, but can that be said about the businesses selling their services on the platform?

So here are some of the companies we will be watching in 2011:

  • Foursquare – More marketing campaigns delivered on Foursquare. And will they stay private?
  • Groupon – Keep up the local goodliness please.
  • Scvngr – Hoping to see some big brands developing exciting game based campaigns on this platform next year. (Pronounced Scavenger by the way)
  • Vouchacha – Local deals delivered to your phone
  • 99moves – Video SEO specialists
  • HTC – The HTC Desire is an outstanding piece of hardware already claiming many awards. What does the phone manufacturer have rolled up its sleeve for 2011.
  • And of course Zeta